Web Software to Schedule and Manage Bids, Jobs, and Customer Contacts

Simple Source CRM captures the contractor business cycle in an elegant web application that is minutes to learn and minutes to deploy.

Customer Contact > Schedule Bid > Perform Bid > Acceptance/Rejection > Schedule Work > Production > Completion

Your Job Data is Mobile

Your crews can access all of the necessary customer and job data instantly, on-site from tablets or phones. You can access their updates just as readily. This is real-time access to your core business metrics.

System Flexibility For All

Just about any service-based business can automate critical parts of their day to day tasks using Simple Source CRM software. This is a CRM for Painters, HVAC, Roofers, Electricians, Plumbers, even Web Designers!

Real-time Reporting

Are you spending hours re-entering data as a customer/job moves through your business cycle? This construction management software keeps everything centralized in one Simple Source. No more guesswork.

“I had real misgivings about whether or not this software would work for my business. I was worried that it would slow me up when customers called in, and it does require an adjustment. But for the extra 30 seconds it might take to capture the customer initially, we saved at least 4 hours per job right away, just by not having to copy and retype stuff the estimators wrote down. And I haven’t even mentioned the reports!”
-Bill Henderson Owner, Colorado Web Design
“Simple Source CRM is…so easy to use and easy to teach new people.”
-Melanie Hoobler Administrator, M&E Painting